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A Quote for Today

Today, I wanted to share a quote that really hit home and stuck with me during the “funk” that I have been in recently:


New Music Friday

Music can help us in many ways. As several posts here have discussed, it can be particularly helpful when it comes to calming anxiety, providing an escape, or even helping us feel justified in...


New Years Resolutions

It may seem like the everyone around you is having a great time declaring their New Year’s Resolutions all over the internet. No matter where you look someone is posting about making it to...


Breathe2Relax – Stress Management

Do your stress levels increase as the holidays arrive? Mine certainly do. Although I personally love all things Christmas and holidays and family, I definitely experience a spike in stress as December harbors finals...


Self-Care: Taking Care of YOU!

Sometimes the hardest thing to do when coping with an illness is to take care of yourself. Or as many call it “Self-Care.” Self care is not about indulgence, it’s about self-preservation – Audrey Lorde...


Into the Wild

Spending time with animals can have calming effects and give you a break from your busy schedule. Click here to watch live footage at the Monterey Bay Aquarium to relax! Choose from several different animals...


Good News Network

The Good News Network is a site that features a whole bunch of positive, uplifting stories multiple times a day which makes me, at least, feel confident in people and often leaves me with...


Making Stress Your Friend

This video has some surprising information that we found to be really interesting! It’s 14 minutes long, but fun and interesting!  How do you think about stress? Did this video change your views a...


Worry Stones

Have you heard of “worry stones” before?  A worry stone is a stone that you can carry in your pocket (or anywhere on you) that can be useful in helping to relieve anxiety or...