Slow down and smell the roses

Three years ago I would have laughed at the idea that aromatherapy could help me. I thought it was a scam, a waste of money, and that it would only work if you believed it would (the placebo effect). And maybe it is, but I am now grateful for aromatherapy. I still know little about it scientifically, but what is important to me is that after a long day, when I get home, sometimes it is difficult to relax. It can be difficult to leave the stress of school and/or work especially in today’s world where work is so intermixed in some people’s homes. With working full or even part time remotely, it can be challenging to know when to quit or learn how to separate work and life.

Something that has really helped me is filling my home with relaxing scents (candles, soaps, etc.). When I feel particularly stressed, slowing myself down and taking time to appreciate the scent of something that I enjoy really helps to ease my mind.

I know little of the science or possibly lack thereof behind aromatherapy, but what I do know is that it allows me to focus. It is probably tied into breathing and how focusing on your breath can help you to calm down your body. If I can get myself into the mindset of taking a minute to “smell the roses”, or a candle, then I can think about the scent, what notes I pick up on, and I slowly start to feel better. I’m sure this idea can be applied to many different areas, interests, or items that one might be interested in. For me, this learning to slow down and focus came about from enjoying candles.

This is also a fairly inexpensive hobby that gives me joy. When a candle runs out, I go to the clearance section of a retail store, smell the candles, and pick out a new one. It gives me something to look forward to.

Have you ever tried aromatherapy? What helps you slow down and calm yourself? Comment below!

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