Blogging Topics

The reasons we write the articles we write are:

1) we want to share information about depression and anxiety and how it is normal to have negative beliefs about getting treatment and that many many people have gone through the same struggles but we don’t talk about them enough

2) our stakeholders told us they like to see positive content online and they want more information about how to use social media positively

3) we know there are many resources out there that we’d like to share with others

Basically that gives you three options of things to write about!

Some people like to come up with something on their own – if that’s you then just email us and let us know what you are thinking about writing about!

Tip: Here is an article one of our team members, who is an expert mental health blogger wrote to provide some more guidance on things to think about when blogging!

If that’s not you, and you need some more structure, here are some suggestions of things we’d like for people to write about:

Mental Health Topics:

  • How do you use others around you to provide you with support when you need it?
  • How do you keep track of how you are doing and when you need help?
  • Write about different experiences you have had with a counselor or therapist and what you learned from it
  • Write about if there are times you did not share how you were feeling with people who needed to know to help you (family, doctor) and how that affected you
  • Write about being different (illness, sexuality) and how that can affect your mood and what helps
  • What is the difference between ordinary sadness and depression?
  • What is the difference between normal growing up and a mental health problem?
  • Write about an experience you had when you worried about what others thought about you

Positive Topics:

  • Write a short post including a quote you like (can be just the quote or why you like the quote) – find a meaningful picture to go with it
  • Share and write about a positive or funny video/image/story/website/book/author

Social Media Topics:

  • Write about a difficult experience you had on social media and what you learned from it (ex. bullying or being bullied, sharing too much information)
  • Why might it be fun to try to be famous on social media and how can it end up hurting you?
  • What does quality over quantity mean to you on social media?
  • How does social media affect your self esteem in good or bad ways?
  • How could something you post make someone else feel?

Resource Topics:

  • Write about a resource (online or in-person) that has helped you
  • Write about an interesting research article or study.  Ask us to help you find one to write about!
  • Check out a mental health app (if free, download and try it out for a week) or a website – write a blog post that is like a review of the app and whether you found it useful or not; if you liked it why? if you didn’t why not?