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Tips on using Social Media

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Do You Use Your Phone in School?

It’s well known by now that the majority of adolescents either own, or at least have access to a smartphone. Similarly, it’s also well known that adolescents spend a lot of their time using...

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Music, Social Media, and Image

What are your favorite genres? Do you enjoy the stuff currently on the radio? Do you like pop, rock, rap, or any of the specific subgenres within them? Maybe you like a combination, or...

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Is Technology Use Really that Bad?

There’s a lot of back and forth about the impact of technology on people, particularly adolescents. Children and young adults are constantly connected to screens, and Generation Z (those born in between the mid-90s...

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Apps Monitoring Mental Health

These researchers explain that the way we use smartphones and if we change habits can indicate if something is happening, such as typing speed and word choice, and the number of ways can be...

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Instagram Invites

Using the internet to send invitations have come a long way since the earlier days of social media. The original “Evite” dates back to 1998 and can still be used, where flashy animations describing...