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Tips on using Social Media

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Prioritizing Yourself

One of the most important things I have learned on my mental health journey is that it’s okay to be self-centered. In fact, you NEED to be self-centered to some degree. It’s so easy...

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Losing Sleep Over FOMO

Have you ever been in the library and checked your phone compulsively while slaving away on a final paper or cramming for a final exam? Are you checking to see what other people are...

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Do You Have A “Finsta”?

A lot of teens have a fake Instagram account, or “Finsta,” because they think it allows them more privacy than a real Instagram account. Finstas are usually more private and closed than accounts with...

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#BeThe1To . . . Help Save A Life

Suicide Prevention Month happens each September. But that’s not the only time to remember how much we can do to help folks who are at risk of suicide—we can take action at any time. “#BeThe1To”...

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Facebook and Life Satisfaction

How many times have you logged onto Facebook this week? How many times today? More than once today? Most people in the U.S. would answer yes to all these questions. Using social media is...

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Gun Violence: Some Facts and Perspective

We’ve developed an infographic about the perspective about gun violence that we gained after interviewing Dr. Jack Rozel M.D., an expert in the subject and medical director of Resolve Crisis Services in Pittsburgh. One...