Blogging Tips

If you’re new to blogging, don’t worry! Blogging is easy – just follow the steps below:

1.) Pick a topic to write about! More on that here   If you want help with that, feel free to email us or contact us through the moderator form.

2.) Go to your profile picture (you can only see it if you are logged in) from the side menu (web) or scroll to the bottom (mobile) or find it through the members page

3.) Click on “blog” under your profile picture.

4.) You will see links to posts you have already written (if any)

5.) Click on “New Post”

TIP: If you couldn’t find it there, you can also start a new post from this page.

write-2160925_1280 (1)6.) Type away! Make a title and feel free to use any of the formatting tools and pick a category if you want (or we can do that later). Don’t forget, you can write about whatever you want about your experiences with mental health. Just make sure to not add any identifying information (i.e. your real name, friend and family names, your school, etc.). Things like your age, race, sexuality, and the general area where you live are okay if you want to mention them.

7.) Don’t forget to Save!

8.) You don’t have to finish it all in one sitting – you can go back to it later from your profile.image-2160911_1280

9.) Use add media if you want to add pictures to your post. Remember, we don’t want any pictures that identify you or your friends – and if you want to use media from the internet – make sure you only use copyright-friendly images! We recommend Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay. To learn more about what images online are okay to use, read here. If you don’t think the images you want to use are okay, it’s no problem! We can add images for you.

10.) Once you are done, make sure to email us or contact us through the moderator form to let us know. We won’t look at posts until we can confirm that they’re ready to review.

check-2160904_128011.) We will give you feedback about what you’ve written and let you know if we recommend any changes before we post it. Once you add your changes at let us know it’s ready, we’ll let you know when the post will be published.

12.) You don’t have permission to publish – nothing will be posted live until we look through it – feel free to save multiple times until you are ready.

13.) Have fun! This website and blogging on it are meant to be a place for you to feel comfortable in talking about whatever you want. You can be creative (in fact, we encourage it!), talkative, and open.

Also, read our Online Writing Style Guide to help you write user-friendly blog posts!