Become a SOVA Ambassador

We are SO excited to offer you the opportunity to become a SOVA Ambassador.

What is a SOVA Ambassador?

  • an adolescent or young adult who wants to share their story or opinion to help others who may feel depressed or anxious
  • an adolescent or young adult who enjoys blogging!

What is the job of a SOVA Ambassador?

Try your best to:

  • comment on at least 1 blogpost a week – especially replying to what someone else has said is great!
  • write 1 blogpost a month

Some people don’t want to share what they’ve written and others do – if you are someone who feels comfortable sharing what you’ve written, then you can also share the SOVA site and its blogposts with friends you think would be interested or would make good bloggers!

What’s in it for me?

  • you will be compensated!
    • for every month you write a blogpost you will receive $10 on a WePay card
    • if you also comment once per week for 4 weeks that same month, we’ll give you an additional $5
    • if you complete a 3 month survey about your blogging experience, you’ll also get $10
  • writing through blogs may help you with stress and relieve social isolation (feeling alone)
  • add being a SOVA Ambassador to your resume! and even link to the posts you write – you can say: served as a peer educator on a mental health technology intervention for adolescents and young adults with depression and anxiety, used health literacy standards and expressive writing techniques to convey mental health information to readers, example posts: link to posts

Awesome! How do I get started?

    • we want to know more about if blogging helps you so we we will ask you to do a survey when you sign up and at 3 months
    • if you are not registered for our site, please register now so you can comment and make a profile and complete the consent to participate in research
    • then email us with the subject line, “I want to blog”
    • we will then email you the baseline survey (don’t fret, its short! and kind of fun…!)
    • if you complete the survey, we will then upgrade you from a Subscriber to an Author and we will set up a phone call/in-person meeting or online chat to tell you more about the basics of being an ambassador

        How do I blog? And what do I blog about?

Go to our Blogging Tips Page!

We’re so excited for you to get blogging!!

Photo Credit: sonstroem via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: sonstroem via Compfight cc