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Tips on using Social Media

Street art on brick. Art is of a hand with white skin holding a phone. The hand has a silver ring on the ring finger and is wearing a dark yellow sweater. Over the phone is a red message box with a heart and the number 1. 0

Likes, Comments, & Shares – Social Currency

Social media has connected the world unlike anything else ever has. You can keep in contact with friends and family with ease as while as share individual experiences with the world. Social media has undeniably changed how we all interact with one another, but can it also lead to negative outcomes?


Grieving an Unfollow

That may sound a tad overdramatic, but if you’ve ever logged onto one of your social media accounts and have seen even just one fewer follower, you likely have had a million questions begin...


Holidays and Social Media

We’ve discussed before how being 100% happy during the holiday season is just not realistic. In fact, feelings of anxiety can spike (especially those taking finals), the holiday blues is a real phenomenon, and...