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The ABCs of Gratitude

As the weather gets colder, news seems to always be getting worse, and traditional end-of-the-year holiday plans have become either limiting or cancelled altogether, it can be difficult to find something to be grateful for, much less multiple things. Mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety can make finding the positives in day-to-day life impossible, and these outside events can worsen these feelings of hopelessness and negativity too.


Morning Pages and Artist Dates

In my last blog, I wrote about how art has been therapeutic for me, and I mentioned the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I wanted to dig a little deeper into two activities that...


Get the Most Out of Fall

Fall is a great time of year. I love being outside and not sweating profusely like I was this past summer. It is also a couple of months (depending on Mother Nature) of beautiful...


What is self-care?

You may have heard the term “self-care” being used on social media or in interactions with other people. It’s an idea that has only recently become popular. I have seen arguments both for and against self-care. Some...


Making Your Activities Count

When you’re struggling with mental illness, it can be very useful to have certain activities where you can divert your attention from unpleasant thoughts and focus on something you enjoy. This could be anything...


Flow: The Secret to Positive Attitude

  In his TED talk, world-famous Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi asks, “What makes a life worth living?” He emphasizes that money (and holiday presents, and external praise) cannot make us happy, and he has studied individuals who...