Morning Pages and Artist Dates

In my last blog, I wrote about how art has been therapeutic for me, and I mentioned the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I wanted to dig a little deeper into two activities that she describes: morning pages and artist dates. These are two great ways to practice self-care and learn more about yourself!kinga-cichewicz-544949-unsplash

Morning pages are quite literally that – each morning, you write a few pages of whatever comes to your mind without judgment. It’s stream-of-consciousness writing; there’s no wrong thing to write about. I’ve found it very helpful for deciding what to do each day and see how I can take better care of myself! When I write down whatever come to mind, it’s easier for me to cope with my distressing thoughts and figure out how to address them. I keep a journal under my pillow and write for about twenty minutes each morning. It’s the best way to start my day!

samuel-zeller-74983-unsplashAn artist date is a weekly event in which you choose something interesting or fun to do by yourself. It could be visiting a museum, watching a movie, practicing a new skill, or anything else that sounds appealing. It doesn’t have to be “artistic” in nature – it’s meant to be a fresh way to find inspiration and clear your mind. We all need a little time to ourselves, and this strategy reminds you to block that time out on your schedule so it never gets pushed aside! For my artist dates, I like going on walks, reading books outside, and visiting different coffee shops!

Whether your goal with these activities is to become more creative or bring more personal time and self-reflection into your life, morning pages and artist dates are two great ways to learn about yourself and discover new and exciting things in the world around you!

Have you ever done something similar to morning pages and artist dates? What kind of activities would you do, or would you recommend, doing by yourself every week? Do you ever take some time to devote just for yourself? Leave your recommendations below!

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