Realizing When to Take A Break

I’m coming up to the home stretch of the year, and for me, that means work is busy this time of year, I’m less than six weeks away from college graduation, along with a booming freelance business that has been very busy with order – on top of a busy social calendar. For me, I’m always the one to continuously overlook myself, and oftentimes I honestly can’t help myself to say “no.” Although, with recent stress levels through the roof, I’m deciding I need to take a much-needed break at the end of the year.

Yes, that is right – I am taking a 2-week break of no school, no work, and no responsibilities; that way I can totally reset, recharge, and get to refocus on myself and my goals for the new year. I’ve made a few blogs on here in the past that focus on goal-setting and creating boundaries, and honestly, I don’t feel like I always listen to my own advice. I think ultimately, I have a lot in my place, and I know the goals I want to set for myself in the coming year, but really want to use those breaks to create a plan of action to actually complete and reach those goals.

Even though college is ending, I really want to figure out my next steps on if I should go back for my master’s degree, and if so when. This would be a great time to tour the remaining local colleges’ programs I’m interested in, along with figuring out when to go back and decipher a timeline.

I also wanted to use this time to develop a business plan, strategy, and process for my side business since I legally want to make it into a real company to run on the side. This break would also be a great time for me to just sit down, think about what I want, and work out the details as well.

The overall point of this blog and kind of my rant is more so I feel like this break is a reward along with refresh to feel ready for the new year. I want to have everything in order, set myself up for success, and feel less stressed due to taking this necessary, and well-deserved break.

That being said, I 100% recommend taking a break if you able to, or try to at least find one day a week for you to totally unwind, relax, and recharge yourself that way you don’t burn out as I did. This is a huge proponent to mental health and how we treat our bodies, so do yourself a favor and definitely consider planning out breaks for yourself when you can.

Do you give yourself a break? How do you know when your body and mind need a break?

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