Author: greekgirl


Taking Breaks When They Are Needed

I want to share the importance of taking breaks and accepting when you need a break. We often overwork ourselves. And to be honest, that is totally okay! I always feel like I’m in a state of overworking myself, tired, anxious, and in the horrible stages of burnout. That is all before I started taking breaks and building them into my day-to-day routine. Breaks are a good way to switch your brain on and off from different tasks and practice self-care.


Be Your Own Valentine this Year

For the first time in a long time, I’m in a really good and healthy relationship with my current partner. As I am approaching Valentine’s Day, I think it’s important to not feel upset or self-pity at not dating or being in a relationship. Honestly, even just celebrating the day for self-love, or the good ole Galentine’s Day, would be ideal.


Adjusting to Full-Time Life

I am officially one week into working full-time after graduating college (I’m writing this blog post as of 1/8/2022), and ultimately I am feeling great and felt like I should share with others some things I learned and noticed. Graduating from college can be a really scary and sad time since you are uncertain how your after-college life will change, your friends may be moving, you’re suddenly working nonstop on a job you may ultimately love or hate, and so many new changes and experiences.


Loneliness In Your 20s

I finally graduated college this December, a semester early, and even got offered by my current employer an offer to transition to full-time. My family is insanely supportive of me, I have a loving boyfriend, and honestly, I’m super happy with where I am in life and everything I worked for. Expect one thing that continues to lack in my life, and that is just the fact that despite the love and success around me, I feel utterly lonely. 


Realizing When to Take A Break

I’m coming up to the home stretch of the year, and for me, that means work is busy this time of year, I’m less than six weeks away from college graduation, along with a booming freelance business that has been very busy with order – on top of a busy social calendar. For me, I’m always the one to continuously overlook myself, and oftentimes I honestly can’t help myself to say “no.” Although, with recent stress levels through the roof, I’m deciding I need to take a much-needed break at the end of the year.


Understanding When You “Over” Work

To be honest, I think that we all to a degree overwork ourselves in the sense that we focus too much on work, school, or something else that may be our livelihood, and then we lose focus or mental clarity, and then worst of them all produce bad quality work. I’m the first to vouch that the pandemic made me turn to work as an escape, and I thought I overworked before the pandemic, but unfortunately the pandemic made it get worse. I counted during the pandemic eight different jobs & side hustles I picked up and was working at the same time, and yes, the money and experience was great…but was it sustainable for my mental and physical health? NO! 


Pursuing Passions Even When Your Busy

This is something only for the past year since the pandemic started that I really tried to make more of an effort on: to make sure you’re pursuing activities and hobbies you are passionate about even when it feels like you don’t have time, and all in all that is to ensure you do not burn out from overworking and stress.


New Seasons Leads To New Schedules

With the current month of August, and soon approaching September, means that the new academic semester or school year is starting up, or maybe you work somewhere. For me at least, I’m going to be working full time instead of part-time, and also am entering my final semester of college where I have classes to finish. This is all on top of balancing other life responsibilities, social life, and other extracurriculars.