Be Your Own Valentine this Year

For the first time in a long time, I’m in a really good and healthy relationship with my current partner. As I am approaching Valentine’s Day, I think it’s important to not feel upset or self-pity at not dating or being in a relationship. Honestly, even just celebrating the day for self-love, or the good ole Galentine’s Day, would be ideal.

Valentine’s Day is about the general idea of sharing and spreading love. That includes spreading the love to your partner, co-workers, friends, parents, siblings, pets…but most importantly do not forget yourself. Consider the ways you can make yourself feel loved and special this year.

If you are someone who is always feeling burned out from work or school, you should consider enjoying the day going to the spa, taking a nice relaxing bath, or maybe even just taking the day to do whatever you wish you had time to do normally. As your own Valentine, you could cook yourself a delicious meal, take a fun exercise class, buy yourself an item you worked hard for, or really anything your heart desires.

Now, on to the best advice I only recently learned. Despite having a handful of holidays and special occasions we experience every year, every day we should be taking the time to love ourselves, say thank you for what our bodies and mind do for us, be gracious, be proud of ourselves, and most importantly celebrate our own wins.

Hopefully, this is your reminder that it’s great to use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to relax and show self-love. Although, every day should be your own mini Valentine’s Day where you express gratitude and self-care to yourself.

Do you think Valentine’s Day overshadows self-love and creates a fear of missing out or other negative emotions for those not in relationships? How can you practice self-love everyday?

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