Summer Book List

I absolutely love to read and feel like it is the greatest way to take a mental health break and get lost in a book. Books are a great way to relax your mind, consider new concepts and tactics, and even self-help.

The following is a list of books I’d suggest reading, and some I have read, or am planning to read this summer. Let me know what books you would recommend, or have planned for this summer as well!

I personally, love to read books that educate me or are ways to let me grow as an individual. You may have a passion for another type of book, prefer a different genre, or perhaps even like audiobooks or podcasts better! That is all okay – I just wanted to promote some great reads for you to investigate, and show you different ways I like to recharge and reset my mind when I’m having hard times with my mental health.


What is on your reading list this summer? What do you like to do to unwind and recharge? Drop your recommendations in the comments below!

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