Taking Breaks When They Are Needed

I want to share the importance of taking breaks and accepting when you need a break. We often overwork ourselves. And to be honest, that is totally okay! I always feel like I’m in a state of overworking myself, tired, anxious, and in the horrible stages of burnout. That is all before I started taking breaks and building them into my day-to-day routine. Breaks are a good way to switch your brain on and off from different tasks and practice self-care.

For example, let’s say you are slammed with homework, projects, studying, school clubs, side gigs, and a part-time or full-time job (that is a LOT). It can be difficult to squeeze everything into 1 day at a time, eat well, get enough sleep, socialize, and everything else on your long list of to-dos. Trust me, I’ve been there. I think the point I’m trying to make is that things won’t improve that much unless you prioritize yourself and take breaks (even a good 5-10 minutes between tasks).

In between different work tasks, I take a water break typically away from my phone or computer. Sometimes, I read a chapter of a book in between big to-do list task items, and on occasion, I may go for a walk outside around my neighborhood. Essentially, you can choose a break that fits your needs to give you a mental health boost. This is a great way to refocus as well and feel strong and empowered instead of burnt out when you wrap up your day. If you genuinely can’t fit in mini-breaks in your day, then I highly recommend taking a mental health day (for example, take the Saturday to yourself). This is a great way to prioritize yourself and any errands you have versus feeling burnt out by a long list of to-dos and tasks consuming your day.

Hopefully this is a reminder to take time to yourself and prioritize yourself a bit higher than you normally would 🙂

Do you take breaks? How can you prioritize this vital self-care habit? What else helps you combat the busy world?

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