Winter Wonderland

Do you find it harder to wake up in the mornings when it is cold outside and all you want to do is stay in your comfy bed? Do you find yourself grasping for any bit of motivation along the way in the mornings?

A lot of people feel these emotions during the cold and sometimes dark winter months. We are used to a couple extra hours of daylight, more outdoor activities, and just more sun in general. How can we find the positives in the winter?

To start, if you are in a place that receives snow during the winter, it could be a good opportunity to put on a nice movie and sip on a hot tea or hot chocolate! Staying inside doesn’t have to mean staying sad. By keeping yourself occupied with things that you enjoy, you will feel more gratification when you might not be able to go outside.

If you are feeling a little bit more adventurous, there is no shame in playing in the snow as an adult! Building a snowman, playing with some friends or family, or even just taking some deep breaths of the crisp air can wake you up and certainly bring you some joy.

I like to embrace a combination of these two ideas. I definitely like trying to get outside when it snows just to enjoy a change in pace since snow is not an everyday occurrence where I’m from. I also like to mix it up with some fun indoor hobbies. I like to do puzzles, watch movies, or bake things that make me smile. One of my favorite winter meals is any type of hot soup! 

So while the winter can be a bit different than the rest of the year, it doesn’t have to be darker. It is your choice whether or not you want to make winter as bright as the white snow on the ground! 

Do you find yourself feeling sadder during the winter months? How can you be more positive during winter? What are some activities or other things you can do? Comment below!

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