Some goodbyes are destined to happen

I have been so self-confident over the past few months, but sometimes I wonder if it’s true or if it’s an act. When being faced with situations where it’s clear that I’m getting to know someone who doesn’t respect me, or it’s clear that an old friend is trying to take advantage of my kindness, I wonder what my responses to these things show about myself. Dealing with difficult people is not my strong point at all. I always go for the idea that it’s good to let people express themselves, but sometimes I question that thought and think to myself, “at what expense.”

My responses these days to certain situations have been pretty laidback and neutral but I wonder where the disdain and annoyance truly go. Do these feelings follow me and do they linger because I don’t allow them to unfold? Why am I quiet 80% of the time? Am I tired of arguing and listening to people that I thought I cared about, when in reality after thinking back I realize they were not as important to me because I didn’t even care to share my feelings with them? Questions like these help me to understand myself and the role other people play in my life. 

Is there discrepancy between the face value of your relationships and what you feel you truly get out of them? How can you better understand and be more assertive in your relationships to ensure that your needs are met?

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