Becoming You

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” Featured Photo Credit: Sudden Fiction via Compfight cc Can you relate to this? Can any of your friends? Let others know below!


Summer Reading List

Summer is finally here, and for many this may mean months of sleeping late, hanging out with friends, vacationing, and continuous streaming of movies and television shows.  However, it can also mean finding a...


Credible Sources

Sometimes it an be hard to figure out what information on social media sites comes from reliable and credible sources.  Just because something sounds true does not mean it is.  Here is a list...


13 Reasons Why

Trigger Warning: Discussion about Suicide By now you’ve most likely heard about Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why (13RW). It is a very captivating show, but also raises questions about whether the creators did the right thing...


Self-Care: Taking Care of YOU!

Sometimes the hardest thing to do when coping with an illness is to take care of yourself. Or as many call it “Self-Care.” Self care is not about indulgence, it’s about self-preservation – Audrey Lorde...


Power of the Wonder Woman Stance

Picture this: a thirty-something woman in business-casual attire standing with her hands on her hips, feet spread slightly more than shoulder-width apart, chest puffed out, chin up, flashing a fantastic grin, her hair blowing just...



Have you heard of Headspace? Headspace is both a website and an app that helps promote mindfulness in everyday living. We like Headspace because it breaks meditation and mindfulness practices down into easy to digest...


Internet Stranger

Although the internet can be a great place to learn, connect, and meet people from all over the world, it is important to watch for warning signs and take preventative measures. Never give out...


Asking questions about your health

Being a young person is full of changes, and some of these changes may lead you to having questions about your health. You might wonder whether the things you’re feeling, thinking or experiencing physically...


What is Anxiety?

Is anxiety a real thing? Or just something people say when they are stressed? Everyone can get stressed out or nervous when it’s their first time trying something new, or they are getting ready...