Avoiding Aimless Scrolling

With the weather finally turning to colder, shorter days, I find myself more often scrolling on my phone aimlessly for hours. While social media can be a good outlet, I turn into a zombie after being on it for a while. I will sometimes then be in a funk the rest of the day, feeling very out of it and not wanting to do anything else that I wanted to originally get done that day.

Recently, I have been putting more focus on trying to find alternatives to pass the time. For me I really enjoy painting and exercising, often two things that I can spend a lot of time doing without really thinking about it. I think the things that we lose track of time doing are the ones that re-energize and fuel us up the most. I challenge you to find the activity that does the same for you, whether that is reading, painting, exercising, making music, or whatever creative outlet it may be. Devoting this time to yourself can come with a lot of benefits. For me, I find myself to be less anxious when I am painting, and it also gives me a thing to focus on rather than what may be bothering me that day. In addition, exercising provides me with an overall pleasant feeling of accomplishment when I am done, regardless of the type of workout.

If you are looking for ideas of activities to pass the time, I suggest looking online for ideas, or think back to when you were younger and what you liked to do that didn’t involve technology. It is easy to pass your time on your phone, but creating or learning something new can come with a greater sense of accomplishment, and who knows where it could lead to.

What are passive non-technological activities that you enjoy? Do you find yourself aimlessly scrolling on your phone? What are activities that you enjoyed doing when you were younger and didn’t have a phone?

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