School Post-Quarantine

So far going back to school has been a stressful wreck. The changes make me realize how much I need to appreciate the things I have while I have it. A couple of the changes at school make me sad and feel like I am missing out.

One of the bigger changes is that nobody is allowed to sit with others at lunch. Our lunch is now split into three places around the school. Everyone sits at a different table, facing the same way. It’s really depressing. We no longer are using paper and pencil to do work, it is all online. We have to wear our masks all day with no breaks, even on the busses. Student drivers and car riders get released a different time than the bus riders.

I don’t get to see my friends as often as I used to. Another big thing is we aren’t sure if we are going to be allowed at football games or soccer games to support our friends who are on the field. Being in the student section of the football games is one of the key high school memories and to think we won’t have it disappoints me. The school is also unsure about homecoming or any winter dances which also saddens me. It especially saddens me that my friends who will graduate in 2021 won’t have a normal senior year like they deserve.

Are you back in school? If you are there physically, what has it been like? What are traditional school activities that you miss?

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