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A New Chapter

I have had A LOT going on the past month. All within a couple weeks, I graduated from my Master’s program, took and passed my medical boards, moved across the country and started a new adult job! To say I am a little overwhelmed is an understatement.


New Seasons Leads To New Schedules

With the current month of August, and soon approaching September, means that the new academic semester or school year is starting up, or maybe you work somewhere. For me at least, I’m going to be working full time instead of part-time, and also am entering my final semester of college where I have classes to finish. This is all on top of balancing other life responsibilities, social life, and other extracurriculars. 


Hats Off to a Fresh Start

As I scroll through Instagram, my feed is starting to fill up with a plethora of creative graduation posts, from tossing graduation hats to making nostalgic videos of old schools. Similar to my Instagram feed, my mind is starting to fill up too. I am so overjoyed to see my friends succeeding and smiling and I’m curious as to what everyone’s future plans and goals are. It is sad to feel some FOMO, both within myself for not being able to physically congratulate those who I love, and for others who may not be able to attend in-person ceremonies. But I am also anxious, frequently wondering, “will everything be okay?”


Clear and Refreshed

It is crazy to me just how much the weather can affect my mood. I have been curled up in my room–not even my house just my room–for the better part of this week. The weather decided to dive back into the 30s and 40s, which is so rude considering it was 70 before that. However, I am looking outside my window as I write this and even with the chill the sun is still shining. I have been putting off taking a package to the post office for a few days now because I do not want to leave the house, but change is coming! Tomorrow it is supposed to be warm and each day after it is supposed to heat up.


Mental Health & Changes in Functioning

In order for mental health concerns to be considered a disorder, the individual usually must present “significant distress or disability in social, occupational, or other important activities” (DSM 5). These vast changes in functioning...