Going Back to School Post Quarantine

It is almost back to school time and I’ve never been more nervous in my life. Normally I’m very excited to go back but all of the safety changes is very nerve-wracking to me.

Our school has sent emails explaining what the plans are and how they will be executed but they are so different from what normal school is. The whole idea of not being able to eat lunch with friends because we must stay 6 feet apart and separated by plexiglass is scary. Also wearing a mask all day while learning and on the buses is something that is so strange to think about.

I hate thinking about all of the societal changes that are in place or will be in place soon. I miss when I could go out of the house and not remember to grab a mask or worry about if I will get sick. Traveling was my most looked forward to thing every summer and now that most people have been home this whole time it makes me a bit sad. I miss going to dinner, the mall, the park, the movies, the beach, and just being able to see my friends.

I hope things go back to normal soon because the idea of having to go back to school with all of these changes really scares me.

Are you going back to school in the fall? What plans does your school have in place in preparation? How do you feel about these plans?

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