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Dance in the Rain

When you’re having a case of the Mondays … “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass- it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene What’s your favorite quote?


Selena Gomez Talks About Her Mental Health

Selena Gomez recently spoke to Vogue magazine about her experiences with mental illness and getting help. Selena is another example of a celebrity using their voice to erase the stigma about mental illness and...


Wear Your Label

Wear Your Label is an online store that creates clothing to get the conversation started about mental illness. Their profound motto is: “It’s okay not to be okay.” Wear Your Label makes clothing that...


Mindfulness, Simply Explained

The term “mindfulness” is kicked around a lot lately. Trying to figure out what it means, and how it can help can be overwhelming. Here’s a short video that explains mindfulness in a simple,...


The Stand Together Initiative

For young people with mental health concerns, school can be a negative space. Individuals with mental health concerns, like anxiety and depression, can come up against stigma from their classmates, and maybe even the...


Make Everything OK

You know that time that you wished you could simply press a button and make everything OK?… Making everything OK might be as easy as changing your mindset. The one thing you do have control over...