Daily Mantras

I have been seeing more discussion about the use of daily mantras and decided to use them for myself over the past few weeks. A daily mantra is a phrase or sentence that you use and repeat to help focus, confidence and improve your mood. Most people use these Mantras when they wake up and throughout the day as a mood booster or a phrase to help you concentrate on your goals. I have been using the Mantra “I am strong and I am worthy”. I use this phrase when I am getting ready in the morning and tell myself this mantra in the mirror. I have found it is a uplifting part of my routine that helps me feel ready for the day.

Some examples of other mantras may include:

  • “I am enough, I have enough and I am doing enough”
  • “This too shall pass”
  • “I matter”
  • “I will accept the things I cannot control”

The great thing about mantras is that you can have one or you can have 1,000 and they can all be applied to your life in the specific ways that you need them. Choose a mantra or a few and say it a few times before leaving bed in the morning or tell yourself in the mirror. I have noticed it helps me feel confident and ready for whatever the day will throw at me. It is a part of my routine I have really enjoyed doing!


Do you have a mantra? When do you like to use it?

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