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Why Is Community Service an Important Part of Adult Life?

There is always something each of us as individuals can do to help the world. By giving back to the community, we are helping in so many great ways, and we may not even realize that each of our little actions are so beneficial to others, especially as we grow to become mature adults. I have always loved and valued helping others, and it is my strongest held conviction that we should all give back a little to make the world a better and happier place.


How to Help Someone Through Social Media

With more and more people opening up about their mental health online, you may find yourself thinking about a few things. You may feel proud of them for opening up about their struggles on a large platform, or you might feel comforted and feel less alone that someone you know also has struggles with their mental health. You might think about how social media is helping reduce the stigma about mental illness by giving many the opportunity to write about what they’re going through too.


The World Needs More Love Letters

One of the simplest random acts of kindness you can perform is writing an encouraging note for someone. This can be done in a number of ways, such as delivering a letter to someone...


The Human Need to Belong

Human beings all crave the feeling of belonging. We want to have familial relationships and friendships that support us and make us feel good. However, when we start to feel others no longer want us,...


Becoming a Mental Health First-Responder

When we hear the term “first-responders,” we usually think of the workers in an ambulance, ready to help people with physical health emergencies. But what about people who have mental health emergencies—who’s trained and...