Why Is Community Service an Important Part of Adult Life?

There is always something each of us as individuals can do to help the world. By giving back to the community, we are helping in so many great ways, and we may not even realize that each of our little actions are so beneficial to others, especially as we grow to become mature adults. I have always loved and valued helping others, and it is my strongest held conviction that we should all give back a little to make the world a better and happier place.

I crave the feelings of positivity I get when I donate my free time to help others. It feels like I have an important place in this world and that others value the time and efforts I put forth for them. One of my most memorable experiences of helping others is when my mom, my brother, and I spent the day as volunteers at a nearby soup kitchen. We served food for dozens of people and greeted them each with a warm smile. We saw how thankful these people were to receive as little as a piece of fresh garlic bread. Some would even ask politely for two pieces, and were all the more grateful. We were told that in the soup kitchen, no questions are asked and everyone is treated equally. I loved the kind group of volunteers who taught us what the true meaning behind giving back was, and in general loved everything that I learned from this amazing experience.

Another great way I was able to feel the benefits of giving back was when I attended a football game with my boyfriend. He found a $10 bill on the ground. With the mindset that the dollar bill wasn’t ours, he turned to me. Instead of saying “hey, look what I found,” he said “I have an idea.” A few days later, we were in the dollar store picking out 10 pairs of hats, gloves, and other products that a shelter may need. We drove to a nearby shelter and donated all of them. It was freezing out, but the warmth in his heart really opened my eyes. I saw the bigger picture. I felt much stronger and felt I could do things like this, even if on a smaller scale, on an everyday basis.

Of course I wish I could give money to every single person in need, but instead, I can continue volunteering all around my community and can do my best to spread happiness to those who need it. I can try to gather friends and family to volunteer with me or just encourage them to find anything to do to help people on their own. I wish the whole world could feel that love and achievement at least once. Giving back to the community is something that we cannot live without. It builds character and self-purpose, and it is a symbol of maturity and responsibility.

We need to give in order to get, but as my dad always says, we also should give just out of the goodness of our hearts. A world where everyone does their best to make people happy and feel loved is just perfect. And by doing even the smallest kind actions or saying something nice to others, we can all make this world possible.

How do you help others? Do you volunteer, or do you reach out to others when you see they need help? How do you feel when you do so?

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