Summer Intentions

This is my last summer break until I graduating college in the fall, along with afterward starting a new year in the 9-5 full-time realm of my career. Although, that being said, I try to make the most of my summer breaks with the days I do get off work. I feel like making my summer plan makes me more productive, and a lot happier overall. That being said, I wanted to share a few things I do to accomplish this. 

Make a Summer Goal List

A few weeks before the summer begins, I make a list called my “Summer Goal List,” and on this list, I basically write down everything I want to accomplish. This helps me stay motivated during the summer and make a list of daily to-dos as well where I choose 1-2 of these list items to get done. 

For example, on my list this year I have a craft kit I want to make; which will take a long amount of time, so I know if I have downtime instead of watching TV indoors, I will make sure I work on this craft kit instead to make better use of my time. 

Other items on my list revolve around losing weight, and better health habits, projects I want to accomplish, and even skills to work on and build.

Bonus: I highly recommend creating a daily, or at least a weekly to-do list. This helps plan out your week with a general list of things to do and will again, just help you stay productive and minimize boredom. 

Make a Summer Reading List

I don’t know about you, but I swear my summer break is the only free time I get to read, so with that I make a major reading list for myself. Fill this list with any possible books you want to read this summer, and of course, you can add to the list throughout the summer as well. My recommendation is that 1-2 weeks before the summer begins, go ahead and order/rent out at least 1-2 books to read. When this book comes in, I promise you will self-consciously choose to read it if you put it in common spots in your house. Instead of watching TV for a few hours, try reading a few chapters instead, or maybe sit outside with your favorite drink to read a bit. 

Right now, I’m enjoying books related to my career industry, finance, and starting a business. Although, in terms of your books, the choice is yours!

Make a Summer Bucket List

This is by far my favorite kind of list to make, but I think it’s fun to make a list of all the places and things I want to do in the summer. This list allows you to be creative, along with really being honest with yourself in terms of what things do you want to do that will make your summer a success if you can actually do them. Even with the pandemic, and safety guidelines it allows a lot of items on this list to happen. If you do not have a car to take you to certain places, I would recommend sharing your list with a friend or even give your parents or guardians a copy. This helps so they know what you’re looking to do, and can hopefully help make them happen. 

A lot of my list items include a family vacation, going camping, seeing a movie at the drive-in, and usually someplace in the city such as a museum or boat tour. 

I am excessive when it comes to planning everything, and making lists upon lists. Although, at least for me this system of lists helps me get a lot of items done and accomplished along with optimizing my time and happiness. If you have a summer with downtime, try implementing a few of my suggestions, or even one of them, and hopefully, you will have a great summer as well.

What does summer mean to you? Do you feel your mood, ability to be productive, or anything about your routine significantly change?

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