Work Stress

I am struggling with work at the moment. I have started a new position and I am about 2 weeks in. I have been working 12 hour midnight shifts and have been working between 50-60 hours a week. The job has been physically, mentally and emotionally draining and I am having a difficult time dealing with the stress.

I work with some individuals that are also not happy with the position and it creates a hostile work environment with others. It is hard to want to go into work every night because I know there will be a lot of drama, and that is not including the stress of the job, which is working with patients in the hospital. I have been taking on extra work to help and tasks are not being divided equally, which causes me to worry about my work and getting it done in time. I feel unappreciated at this position and never get any credit or gratefulness about doing more than my position requires.

I have been starting to notice my problems with work have started to spill into my life outside of the hospital. I notice I am quickly irritated and annoyed with others, I am so tired that I can not do some of the chores around my house and I don’t enjoy previous activities that were once my stress relievers. I am trying to not worry about work outside of work but that is really hard when I dread my shifts and have anxiety about going to work.

Does anyone have advice about dealing with difficult and draining work life? How do you avoid having this affect your life outside of work, especially when the position is stressful and exhausting?

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