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Work Stress

I am struggling with work at the moment. I have started a new position and I am about 2 weeks in. I have been working 12 hour midnight shifts and have been working between 50-60 hours a week. The job has been physically, mentally and emotionally draining and I am having a difficult time dealing with the stress.


Mental Health and Hormones

Does it feel like sometimes, your mental health ebbs and flows with your hormonal cycle? You’re definitely not alone. I used to think I was losing it: because not only did I display physical symptoms of PMS, but I would also notice a flare-up of symptoms of my mental illness, or an episode of severe depression or anxiety which coincided with this time during my cycle.


Achieving Homeostasis

I’m not sure if this will be a relatable experience or not but I’ll write it as a question anyway: Do you ever feel like something’s just off? Like you’re uncomfortable or irritated or tired and don’t know why or how to fix it? Well, if this has happened to you, my advice is to first make sure you’ve achieved homeostasis before looking towards any other possible reasons and solutions.


Grrr! Irritability And What It Means

Listen to this scenario and see if it sounds familiar: some people are really annoying. Other people just don’t mind their own business. Why is that person staring at me? Why won’t my friend text...



Some people are really annoying, right? Other people just don’t mind their own business. What is that person looking at? What is their problem? What is up with this phone…shirt…car…computer…nothing works right. Everything always...