Medication Reminders

Let’s be honest: we’ve all missed taking a daily medication. It might be because you were too busy, in a rush, or simply forgot. You may have also missed taking a medication because you didn’t have the energy to do so due to your depression, or your brain might have been too foggy to remember because of other mental health issues getting in the way.

We’ve covered one of the most popular medication reminder apps before (you can check out our article on Medisafe here), but we did want to offer other free alternatives for you to consider in case you want to explore something new, don’t like the interface, or just want to have other options. We specifically chose these for reminding you to take medication for your mental health, but of course this can apply to any other medication that you’re taking too. 

Mango Health
Round Health (iOS only)

Do you currently take medication for your mental health? If you take any sort of medication, what difficulties do you face when remembering to take them?

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