Getting Out of the Mud

Have you ever been so stuck in the mud of your own thoughts? In these moments where we stand our ground in our beliefs and perceptions, we exhibit a fixed mindset. Fixed mindsets often take root in our childhood. When I was around 4 years old, I believed that people outside of my home are dangerous. Little me feared my assistant kindergarten teacher, peers, and other parents. Such fear drove my decisions to focus on schoolwork over friendships. Thoughts such as “I can’t make friends” and “I’ll never be able to go to social events” ran around in my head. Safety outside of my home was foreign. Something as simple as a birthday invitation welled up anxiety in me.

As I transitioned into high school and college, part of me started to challenge my socially stubborn beliefs. I started to seek out new friends and place trust in teachers. Moreover, I began to seek professional help for my anxiety. I found safety in a “stranger’s” office. My mind started to believe that people can be welcoming and trusted. This reawakening drove my decisions to go on two mission trips, lead a bible study, and babysit for multiple families. I replaced former thoughts with “I can make friends” and “Even though social events make me anxious, I have the strength to go to one”. Thus, I have begun to adopt a growth mindset.

There are still times where the little girl inside of me freezes out of fear during social situations. Some days I am able to calm her down. Other days she runs away from me. I invite you today to reflect on a belief or set of beliefs that you have held onto since childhood. I challenge you to re-evaluate these beliefs.

To learn more about developing a growth mindset, here is a video:


What are some beliefs that you have held on to since childhood or has since changed? Have you heard of growth mindset before?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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