The Fury (of sounds)

Do you remember that post about ASMR? Well, we’re taking off the gloves today — or perhaps we’re putting them on — because now it is all about the sounds that might be harming us.

Misophonia can mean strong negative reactions to certain sounds. Some people like to watch videos of people eating while many people might find the sounds of chewing extremely unnerving. What about the sounds of a city? The air breaks on a bus, or perhaps the beeping signals of a delivery truck reversing.

While people seek out certain sounds for relaxation, it can be very difficult to escape certain noise because of a living environment and location. Noise pollution is a real thing. If you are able to look at how sounds might affect you personally, it might give you more insight on unseen triggers affecting your mental health.

So, if we experience misophonia what can we do that is realistic and cost-effective? Earplugs are a start. Music earbuds might work, but those are most likely designed to conduct sound, not block it. They are better than nothing, though we also must be mindful of sticking random things in our ears that could hurt us. You can find affordable options near a pharmacy. Remember to read the directions to avoid harm.

Just like our bodies need rest, our minds need silence. Take notice of this, and if you can, take charge.

Have you heard of misophonia? How do sounds impact your life?

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