Fearing death

Lately I’ve been thinking about death more than normal. I don’t know why honestly.

There hasn’t been a death in my family or anything big so I’m not sure why It’s been on my mind more than normal. Not so much death it’s self but more so the fear of death. I know it’s normal to fear death but I feel like I’m fearing it more than others. The thought of losing my parents one day makes me so upset and causes me so much anxiety. The thought of not being able to enjoy the good of life anymore really scares me. Nobody knows what comes in the afterlife so I think that is a big cause of anxiety.

I also have good relationships with both of my parents and can’t imagine losing them. I don’t really know how to approach them or even my close friends about this because whenever I talk about it, I panic. I don’t want to form an unhealthy fear about death but at the same time, death itself is impossible to avoid. I know as I get older I am going to struggle with this more and more and it kind of scares me.

Have you thought about death? Have you had discussions about it with anyone? In what circumstances have you thought about it?

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