Unplug and Recharge

Over the past few weeks, some big changes have occurred in the United States, and many young people are actively engaged. Whether you’ve attended a protest, discussed civil rights on social media, talked to your family, or even watched the news, you’ve been involved. With so many important issues to discuss, it can feel very empowering to be involved. However, I personally have found myself feeling on-edge and anxious after hours of nonstop consumption of news and social media posts about current events.

So, I’ve taken a step back to figure out how to stay engaged while maintaining good mental health. For me, this means reducing my time spent watching the news and scrolling through Twitter. I try to utilize these resources only twice per day for 15 minutes or so. Limiting my time on Twitter, specifically, helps me focus on legitimate news sources rather than reading endless comments. Additionally, I’m trying to educate myself by reading books and watching documentaries about American history and current social issues.

There are so many ways to be involved, so find the ways that do not negatively impact your mental health.

Aside from this, I’m making sure I find time to get outside and stay active. During my free time, I’ve been walking around my neighborhood, cycling on trails, and reading books in the park. Ultimately, these are the activities that boost my mood most. When the news is negative and I’m feeling anxious, these activities are what keep me calm. In the midst of staying engaged, be sure to also find time for activities that boost your mood.

Do you participate in activism online? How do you maintain your mental health while doing so? How do you think you can get involved in activism without social media?

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