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Mental Health Dictionaries

No matter where you are in your mental health journey, you’ve probably had to look up a term because you’re not quite sure what it exactly means. Mental health is just that, health, so the official medical terms for mental illnesses, medications, diagnoses, and parts of the brain that affect your emotions and mood can get overwhelming. There are also different types of treatment you can seek out and different types of therapists which can make the whole thing very confusing.


We R Native

Native Americans and Alaskan Natives (shortened to AIAN) make up nearly 3 million people in the United States today. The proportion of AIAN youth in the community is higher than that of the total...


Can Schools Influence Stigma?

Our environments can have a powerful impact on how we view things, especially in how we view the things about ourselves. Because adolescents spent a lot of time in school, their teachers, their classmates,...


Heard Around Mental Health Twitter

There are some pretty cool things happening in the world of mental health lately. We thought it’d be good to share some tweets from some mental health organizations. Social media has it’s downsides, but connecting people...


Sleep Disturbances and Depression

There is a relationship between depression and changes in sleep patterns. One of the symptoms for Major Depressive Disorder is “insomnia or hypersomnia nearly every day.” Insomnia and hypersomnia are two sleep disorders, described...