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There are some pretty cool things happening in the world of mental health lately. We thought it’d be good to share some tweets from some mental health organizations. Social media has it’s downsides, but connecting people to resources is not one of them. Being aware about what’s going on in the mental health field is an important way to get the best information possible. These organizations are working hard to get the word out there about the importance of mental health. Check it out below!

Heard around mental health twitter

Today (3/30) is world bipolar day! This event is meant to bring awareness to bipolar disorders. Here’s what NAMI (The National Alliance on Mental Illness) had to say:Nami Tweet


Here’s a great tweet from Mental Health America suggesting a great way to “ground” yourself. If you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed, this is a way to bring focus back to the present moment.

Mental Health America Tweet


The National Institute for Mental Health is hosting a webinar focused on teenage depression on 4/27/17. We linked to the details below!NIMH Tweet


Follow this link to learn more about the webinar

The next mental health organization, Bring Change 2 Mind shared a great article on their twitter that talks about self-care. The article talks about self-care pins that can be bought and worn in support of self-care and mental health– It’s a cool new way to fight stigma! We link to the article below the tweet.

BC2M Tweet


Here’s a link to the artcle, Everyday Bravery Pins Celebrate Big and Small Life Accomplishments from themighty.com

Lastly, here’s a tweet from Active Minds, Inc. about “fighting” stigma and how easy that fight can become. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of starting the conversation.

Active Minds Tweet


Have you seen any great mental health information shared on social media lately? Let us know in the comments below!

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