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Right After a Diagnosis

“You take Tylenol when your head hurts. You take those pills to stop your tummy from hurting when you eat ice cream. How is it different to take medication to make you feel better when you’re down?” My boyfriend said this to me today after I told him about the conversation that I had with a school psychiatrist.


The Struggle in Finding Treatment for POC

Stigma towards mental health and mental illness has always been present, but the way that stigma is expressed and the level of stigma can depend on a variety of things. One of those ways is how stigma can differ among different races: posts here have covered how stigma acts as one of the barriers for people of color to seek treatment, including African-Americans, Asians, and Native Americans, for example.


The Cost of Mental Health

Mental health issues among teens are a growing issue in the US. The demands for mental health services and treatment clearly exceed our nation’s supply, and the effects of this imbalance are making their mark.


My Experience at RE:SOLVE Residential Program

Over the past few weeks and months, like many others, I have been struggling immensely with my mental health. A series of panic attacks, depressive episodes, and anxiety-filled breakdowns have really spiraled out of control due to a mix of stressors from work, family, and more. It got to a tipping point earlier this month when I felt uncomfortable being alone, and that’s when I knew that I needed more help.


Transportation Barrier Resources

Transportation to and from appointments can be a big challenge to overcome while getting treatment. Availability, cost, and convenience can be major factors, and finding resources is not always easy. Fortunately, we have put together a list of possible solutions to help ease the burden of transportation.


Mental Health in Our Health Insurance System

This month, I have been feeling very frustrated. Not because of the additional stress of online college classes, not because of the impending job search after graduation, and not because of interpersonal issues with family. I am feeling frustrated because of my health insurance.


Do You Have a Wearable?

The idea of having technology in your watch seems like something out of a science fiction novel at first, with the screen popping up in the air in a bright neon blue or green. Even twenty years ago, a digital watch with a timer on it felt super futuristic.


Weekend Viewings: Patriot Act

Satirical political shows are everywhere now. There’s been a recent trend where they zero in on an important, often underrepresented topic and highlight it by going into a lot of detail about the issues the topic is facing and why it’s important to address it.