Blur Your Face and Change Your Voice With This New App


The innovation of apps and social media tools to improve mental healthcare and bring it to more people has benefited many users in the past few years. One new app called Huddle came out of the experience of its founder, Dan Blackman, in the small town where he grew up.

In Blackman’s hometown, everybody knew each other. This type of tightly knit community can provide great support on its own. On the other hand, if you’re afraid of your small community judging you, it can make it harder to ask for the help you need. Blackman’s father suffered from addiction to alcohol and didn’t get the help he needed due to the stigma in his community.

So Blackman invented Huddle.

This app allows you to join virtual support groups and communicate with other members by posting and responding to videos. If you’re super concerned about people knowing who you are, Huddle allows you to blur out your face, create an anonymous username, and enable software that changes the sound of your voice.

These features allow Huddle’s users to discuss their feelings “face to face” without showing others their identity. They also allow other users to see that they aren’t alone in facing the problems and questions they have.

Want to learn more about Huddle? Watch this YouTube video or check out this article.

Hopefully Huddle and similar apps will bring community to more and more people.

Would you try Huddle? If so, what are the features that attract you? If not, why not? Tell us what you think below!

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