Stop, Breathe, Think from your Computer

We’ve talked about the app Stop, Breathe, and Think before. It’s a clean, straightforward app designed for mindfulness and gives you a variety of meditation options that are customized depending on your mood

Apps like SBT are the go-to methods nowadays to access meditations – they’re easily accessible from your phone, which you’re most likely already on, and they’re compact and easy to understand. But what about the times you’re not on your phone? What if your phone doesn’t have enough space to download a new app, or you simply don’t want your home screen to be cluttered with yet another app that you think you’re most likely going to neglect?

One of the meditations: forgiving yourself

SBT’s website also has a feature where you can access meditations. It’s obviously not the same as the app itself; for example, you can’t choose how you’re feeling and have the site pick the best meditation for you, but their meditation page has almost 20 different types for you to choose from. Most are about 6 minutes long, but they can range from a couple of minutes to almost 10.

You can take a few minutes to do a body scan to check in with yourself at that current moment, or learn how to “think like a lion” by being aware of your surroundings, but focusing on the bigger picture. There are meditations to help you remember the good and positive things that are happening as well as ones to ground you when things are changing.

If you need a few minutes to take a break from an assignment on your computer or just want to explore some new meditation activities, it might be worth trying out SBT’s meditation page.

Have you ever tried meditation? Do you use technology to help? What kind of exercises have you done?

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