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When Should You Seek Help?

After what felt like a lifetime of being dissatisfied with my body, eating disorders, and depression, I finally sought help during my freshman year of college.


Online Diagnosis Tools: Helpful or Harmful?

Something I’ve been thinking about recently is the role the internet plays in diagnosis of mental health issues. There are plenty of self tests for mental illnesses on a variety of websites. But are...


The Healing Power of Music

Summertime is the time to relax! But some of us have real trouble relaxing and putting down our worries. We might pop on a pair of earbuds and find some music to help us....


Say It Out Loud

We at SOVA are mental-health and communications professionals, and we use those skills to design blogs that give you—our readers—information about mental illness in manageable portions that you can grasp. For example, here are just a few...


Is Depression Something You Can Control?

Is depression something you can control? Or are there actual changes in the brain that cause it that are beyond our control? Research studies show that when someone is depressed, we can see many changes in the...


Watch for Symptoms!

Are you or any of your friends struggling with symptoms of depression? Are you confused as to why you feel like you’ve fallen down into a big deep pit? Many teenagers find themselves in very...