How Minimalism Has Helped Me

My experience with minimalism has been a long one. Like most things in life, my relationship with minimalism has its ebbs and flows. There are times, where the idea of having less and focusing on what matters to you, speaks to me deeply. Other times, not so much. I want to explore and embrace identities through trying out different things.

     What I have discovered, however, is how minimalism has improved my mental health. Whenever, I implement the principle of “having less”, my brain is able to slow down, focus, and learn to enjoy things. For instance, making the effort to declutter and then organize my space, has always made me less overwhelmed afterwards. I feel a greater sense of control. I learn to have less attachment to material things.

Through this process, I was also able to discover myself and figure out what matters to me. The values, ideas, and that I most cherish. Because of this, I am able to spend more time on investing in the relationships and ideas that matter most to me. 

If you use minimalism, how has it helped improve your mental health? What challenges have you experienced with minimalism?

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