Managing Time Spent on Social Media

Sometimes we get bored of the very apps that give us the most entertainment. We’ve all been in bed and switched from TikTok to Instagram because we got tired of the content. Usually, this is a sign that we are exhausting our brains and using these media platforms too much. 

I am an avid enjoyer of social media. I like reading funny tweets, watching hilarious TikTok videos, and liking amusing posts on Instagram. I usually view content when I need a break from other activities like school or work. However, what I’ve found is that these apps start to have negative effects on me once they turn from a healthy break into a drawn-out session of mindless scrolling.

It’s easy to continue the cycle of watching funny and entertaining videos when the alternative is boring tasks such as homework or chores. Yet, if we were all more aware of the time we spent on social media, it would help us enjoy social media more. I’ve found that when I use TikTok/Instagram/Twitter as a timed reward for completing a task (homework assignment, house chore, etc.) I enjoy using those apps much more. By timed, I mean that before I go on my phone for a break, I set out a time period for how long I will spend. This helps me stay on track of my daily tasks and provides me with something to look forward to – another break where I can continue where I left off. This type of reward system I find very effective in terms of productivity as well as personal enjoyment. 

One major difficulty when applying this timed method of social media use is the desire to watch one more video or read one more post. Although this is extremely tempting, we must resist the urge. Our apps are not going anywhere, and picking up where we left off can keep social media fresh and exciting. Instead of scrolling until you get bored, try scrolling for 15-20 minutes, then taking a break and doing something else. After you repeat this over many days, you may find that you have a much healthier relationship with the internet. And remember, the best content is usually at the top of your feed anyways 😉 

What has helped you balance time on social media? Do you ever feel bored while on social media, or engage in endless scrolling?

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