Being Present in the Now

Do you find yourself so frequently planning things for the future that you forget to take your time and enjoy the present? Here are some things that can help with that.

1. Avoid overflowing the calendar. It’s great to have a bunch of things in the calendar to look forward too, but sometimes having a free weekend leaves room for discovering new adventures spontaneously!

2. Devote time to yourself. If you only have one social event scheduled for the week, that’s more than nothing! Sometimes having plans every single day of the week can be exhausting for your mental and physical health.

3.  Find joy in what’s already there. Maybe your day consists of brushing your teeth and making your bed. Maybe it even includes spending time with your pets or going for a walk to the grocery store. Even the small things, whether it’s for personal hygiene or mental well-being, are all important to your daily growth. Over time, you will likely be glad you spent those few moments focusing on yourself.

I’ve been working on these things on my own and with the people who are important to me. For example, my boyfriend and I have a lot of awesome things we hope to get to this summer. And I hope we get to achieve so many of them! But still, we have been trying to find ways to enjoy the “now” rather than only looking forward to the future, and it has created more space for trying new adventures together!

How do you find ways to be present in the now? Have you tried these tips before? If so, what was your experience like?

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