Embracing Your Mental Illness

Obsessive compulsive disorder is something I have been battling for the past three years and it has not been easy. But, it has truly changed my life for the better. Weird right? You’re probably thinking to yourself “how could a mental illness that causes extreme distress and discomfort make my life better?”

The distress and anxiety that I experience has caused me to adapt and look deeper within myself. I now value and appreciate the little things in life much more than I once did. I am more thankful for my relationship and the people I have as supports in my life.

Before my diagnosis I didn’t put much thought into having gratitude or always looking at the bright side. One thing OCD forced me to do was imagine my life as if I lost everything. The intrusive thoughts I battle with allowed me to see a life without everything and everyone I loved.

I don’t see my mental illness as a setback or a weakness, instead I look at how far I’ve come. Struggling with OCD for the past 3 years has shown me how strong I truly am. I am able to see the good in almost any situation. Everyday I am thankful for my people, my pup, and who I am. Without OCD, I wouldn’t appreciate life the way I do now, so I choose to embrace it.

If you have been diagnosed with your mental illness, how did you feel when you first received it? How has your mental illness positively affected you in any way?

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