Author: Mindfulbalance


Magical Thinking Isn’t So Magical

Magical thinking is a concept that I have been experiencing for quite some time. I remember having thoughts that fall under the category of magical thinking since I was in elementary school. According to Healthline, magical thinking is the idea that you can influence the outcome of specific events by doing something that has no bearing on the circumstances.


Embracing Your Mental Illness

Obsessive compulsive disorder is something I have been battling for the past three years and it has not been easy. But, it has truly changed my life for the better. Weird right? You’re probably thinking to yourself “how could a mental illness that causes extreme distress and discomfort make my life better?”


You are not “so OCD”

Have you ever heard someone say “I’m just so OCD?” Have you ever thought about how someone who is diagnosed with OCD feels when that is said? I can say from first hand experience that it is an uncomfortable situation to be in.