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As we live our lives, people come in and out of our social interactions. Particularly in young adulthood, in settings such as school or extracurricular activities, we constantly meet people and create relationships.  However, sometimes it can be difficult to tell if someone is a true and genuine friend.  While some people may be around you consistently, such as someone in your class or dorm, not everyone can fulfill the role of a true friend.


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Here are f signs that someone is a genuine friend to you.

1. They want you to accept yourself as you are.

A true friend will love you exactly as you are, and wants you to love yourself the same way. They are the people that will help to boost your self esteem when you are feeling down, and motivate you when you are afraid of taking on a challenge.

2. They are honest with you if you are wrong.

True friends are the ones that won’t hold back if they think you are wrong about a situation or if you need some guidance. If someone is too afraid to step in or lets you make a bad decision, they don’t have your best interest at heart.

3. They are entirely present. 

Being fully present is often difficult for people to do, but a true friend will give you their undivided attention when they are with you. They won’t ignore you or constantly stare at their phones, but instead will listen and respond attentively.

4. They listen to you.

Have you ever tried to talk to someone, only for them to turn everything you say around to be about them? This person is not a true friend. A genuine friend can hold off on their thoughts in order to focus on listening to you when you need them.

5. They give you support when you need it the most.

While true friends celebrate your successes, they also are capable of supporting you when you are faced with hardships. A true friend steps in more like a family member when you are at your lowest and does anything they can to help you feel loved.


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6. They help you manage stress.

Stress is something that can easily get out of hand if you don’t actively try to manage it. True friends are the ones who will do whatever they can to help lower your stress levels, whether it be by helping you tackle a difficult project or just listening to you vent.

7. They keep you grounded.

Since true friends know you on a deep personal level, they will not let you get away from your true self. They will humble you by keeping you in check if they feel like you are acting like someone you are not.

8. They have your back.

True friends will not leave you to fend for yourself if you are in a tricky situation. They will step up to support you, if that means helping to stop another friend from making a poor decision or telling your parents about something difficult. This type of support is what shows you that you can trust someone.

9. They forgive. 

A true friend is not someone who will walk away from you the minute you do something wrong. While it is normal for close friends to have disagreements, a true friendship is one that remains strong even when conflict arises. A true friend will forgive you when you mess up, and admit to their own faults when they do.

10. They make your friendship a priority. 

True friendships often last many years. This means things like college, relationships, and other obstacles will come forward that could lead to spending less time with your friend. However, true friends will always make time to stay connected and involved in your life.

Sourced from: Huffington Post


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