Staying Together, Apart

Like many others, I have been struggling with being away from friends and family during this quarantine. From a family member passing away without a proper ceremony, to loved ones that I used to see at will, to simply missing my friends and social life, I am struggling.  The uncertainty of quarantine – how long it will last, when the next restriction will be placed or even when one will be lifted – is what makes this the most difficult. If we knew that in a week it would be safe to get back to visiting normally, many people would be relieved. But, we are not lucky enough to have that kind of foreseeing.

For now, I think it is really important to try to stay connected to the ones we love. Video chats have been a lifesaver for me. Having the ability to see loved ones and talk to them has brought me so much comfort. I try to take time out of every single day specifically to connect with people. I will FaceTime friends, draft a text to a loved one, or even send a card (because who doesn’t love getting cards in the mail?!).

Keep in mind that not everyone is as comfortable reaching out. I have seen posts that say ‘remember who checked in on you during this time.’ I find that to be harsh; we are all getting through this in our own ways. Some people might not be in the best mindset to reach out to you. We need to be kind to one another and understand that we are all different.

For me personally, I feel that connecting with others has helped my anxiety and even brought me closer to some people in my life. Quarantine, as difficult as it has been, doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Reconnecting with loved ones in different ways is a truly beautiful thing! A random FaceTime call from a friend or family member, a heartfelt card in the mail, or even a simple text to someone can still be cherished once this is all over. Stay close to the ones who you love and make you happy, but for now, we must stay together six feet apart.

How have you been connecting with loved ones? What has prevented you from connecting with them? 

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