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The Benefits of Teenage Friendships

More often than not, we feel like we’re alone throughout middle and high school. It’s a weird feeling – we’re in the same building with all of our peers for hours five days out of the week, and social media can have us feeling connected and lonely at the same time.


Emotional Independence

Like many people, I struggled with my mental health through quarantine. I was very unproductive and was constantly distracting myself with my phone. I developed bad physical and mental habits. I felt angry over quarantine at myself and the people around me. I was afraid to express this anger and my feeling of anxiety and stress because I knew my family members and friends were dealing with their own problems.


Addressing One-Sided Friendships

Yesterday, I discussed my experience with one-sided friendships. I went into detail about how I always checked up on my friends, made an effort to make them feel loved and supported, and was a shoulder for them...


Reciprocated Friendships

Recently, I have been feeling down because I felt as though the people in my life did not care about me. No one ever checks up on me, and I was always the one...


Current Habits in Social Media

Yesterday, the Pew Research Center published a new report about teenagers and how they use social media. It can feel like these sorts of reports and the stories that follow can occur way too...