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Time to Change is a social movement across England to try and change the way the nation thinks and acts about mental health.

They work with communities to challenge the stigma that surrounds us today and the discrimination that might make it difficult for people to face their mental health issues. This site is a collaborative between thousands of individuals (soon to include you, too) and many organizations focused on achieving this goal.

Part of the site outlines what the collaborative has done in their work with health professionals, in community projects, and how they manage social media.

Similar to SOVA, Time for Change also has a blog feature so that you can get involved and start the conversation with others. There are certain themed blogs or conversations but also one’s just for stories, discussion, and support from others involved.

The main two features of the site are:

1. “What is mental health” which gives facts and figures about mental health. But, it also debunks many myths that contribute to the stigma in society about mental health that people still face.

2. “Talking about mental health” which gives tips and tricks for starting the conversation about mental health. This feature also has quotes from celebrities about their view on speaking out about mental health and how important it is. Some more personal stories are also included in this section to help you notice that you’re not alone in your fight against your mental health problem.

Let us know in the comments how you’ve started conversations about mental health, or why you haven’t!

Has this site helped you begin to start conversations?

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