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Social Media & Self Esteem

The urge to maintain an online presence can be exhausting. Sure, social media isn’t always negative, but there are important things to keep in mind about using social media that can prevent it from being...

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I’m Not Clicking with My Therapist

You’ve decided to get professional help for the depression and anxiety you’ve been dealing with these last couple of months. After a few appointments with your new therapist, you feel like things just aren’t...


Likes, Comments, & Shares – Social Currency

Social media has connected the world unlike anything else ever has. You can keep in contact with friends and family with ease as while as share individual experiences with the world. Social media has undeniably changed how we all interact with one another, but can it also lead to negative outcomes?


Communicating during Conflict

In any type of relationship, conflicts are bound to happen. Having conflict sometimes isn’t necessarily a bad thing, some say it’s even healthy for a relationship. However, there are times during conflict where one...



When talking about being an introvert I don’t want to make it seem like I struggle to communicate to people because I really don’t. Due to different life circumstances, I am a bit skeptical...


Social Media as a Resource

In the never-ending debate on the pros and cons of social media, particularly on mental health, we don’t seem to talk as much about how we can use social media as an outlet. While...


Circle of 6

Imagine you are in a sticky situation: you need a ride home, you’re scared of where you are, you need someone to lend an ear… Here is an app that might help. Circle of...


Talking to Your Parents

Talking to your parents can be tough so we found a great article to help you get started! Some excellent pointers are: If you do not have the most open relationship with your parents,...


New Years Resolutions

It may seem like the everyone around you is having a great time declaring their New Year’s Resolutions all over the internet. No matter where you look someone is posting about making it to...