You Taught Me

heart-1124801_1920You taught me that life is precious.

It’s fragile and slippery

and if I stop paying attention

it might slip right out of my grasp.


You taught me to always remember

how much I have.

Sometimes I’ll forget

how much I really do have.


You taught me to be brave.

To follow my heart and to not be afraid to speak my mind,

because even when it hurts,

it always gets better if I let it.


You taught me to believe in myself.

To not care too much about what people say because deep down,

I know what’s right and wrong, I know what’s good and bad,

and I know what’s best for myself.


You taught me to embrace what makes me

My talents are the parts of me that make me who I am,

and I can sparkle and shine

if I let the world see.


You taught me that to be selfless

is to comfort others even when

you are the one who desperately

needs to be comforted.


You taught me that to be realistic

is to let down your guard once in a while,

and accept comfort even when

you don’t think you need it.


You taught me that to be a good personscales-309078_1280

is to be selfless and realistic. There is a balance,

and if you break that balance you’ll break your heart

along with the hearts of those who care about you.


You taught me to be a good person.

You needed me to be a good person.

You helped me always be a good person,

for my sake and for yours.


I promise to never forget that I’m loved.

What are lessons that you have learned on your own about how you see yourself? Do you do anything for self-care or to help with your view of yourself?

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